Hand made knitwear from Spirit of Shetland

Designed and hand knitted in Shetland

Hand made knitwear from Spirit of Shetland


Knitwear care

All of our knitwear is hand-finished and carefully washed and pre-shrunk before we send it to you. We recommend that you follow these instructions carefully:

ganzie drying in a Lerwick lane
Historic Shetland knitwear drying in a Lerwick lane.
Image courtesy of Shetland Museum.

Dissolve mild soap flakes in lukewarm water and carefully wash the garment by gentle squeezing. Rinse thoroughly in water of the SAME temperature. A fabric conditioner may be added to the rinse water. Squeeze water out or give a short spin to remove excess water. You may like to roll the garment in a towel to remove more moisture. Ease into shape and dry on a flat surface. When drying keep away from direct heat and strong light. A light steam-iron will ensure your garment retains its original shape. If you prefer, your genuine Shetland knitwear may be taken to a reputable dry-cleaner.


Our knitwear is hand knitted in Shetland homes.

Most knitwear will take up to 4 weeks to knit to your preferred size, style and colour. All orders are acknowledged within 48 hours and an estimate given of delivery time.

Sizing guide

knitwear sizing guide